magic squares

these task sheets (and solutions) can be clicked to produce and save larger images
easier tasks are in the older posts and become more demanding towards more recent posts
hopefully the resources illustrate that 'magic' squares provide a context for a variety of skill practice - with:
- some form of problem solving requested;
- considerations about relationships, justification and proof;
- extending work to an involvement of symbols;
- developing to quite complex uses of algebra.

I am indebted to Martin Hansen, whose articles in Maths in School (march 2010, sept 2010 and and nov 2010) provided much clarity on a possible teaching sequence and an understanding of relationships and solution techniques

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

bigger numbers

what patterns do students notice in this magic square?

this unusual magic square, discovered by Lee Sallows, is such that if you write out the numbers as words and then count the letters in each word - this results in another magic square!

using addition and subtraction, with maybe some appreciation of patterns, students can attempt to complete some or all of these

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